veggie tools for Dr. Su

_ briefing
Our client is an expert in the production of silicone kitchen tools. That's why we thought a way to benefit from all their knowledge was to design a collection of products combining silicone details with rigid plastic parts. It was necessary an exhaustive industry analysis. We worked hard on it!
_ concept
We bet on launching this collection with the design of the following essential products. The white color and the organic, soft forms would mark the style and guidelines for the future kitchen tools family for the brand. A new interpretation for a fresher and more actual experience.
_ spiralizer
To achieve slim spirals from your favourite vegetables. Zucchinis, eggplants, carrots, cucumbers… Nothing can resist its three different slicers.
We created a large and ergonomic central body. In addition, we add the slicers at the bottom of the product leaving out any chances of accidental cuts. We can comfortably hold it and make sure the vegetal spaguettis keep they perfect continuity. Perfect meals the safe way!
_ chopper
A fast slicer for your vegetables which will allow you to get sticks with one gesture. The slicer's base is concave to gather all the squeezed juice produced during the slice. The container's cover is curve and transparent to allow control and vision during any time of its filling. This will allow you to comfortably bring it with all the other ingredients in your meal. It's quick and clean. The perfect helper in any kitchen!