veggie tools for Dr. Su

_ briefing
Our client is an expert in the production of silicone kitchen tools. That's why we thought a way to benefit from all their knowledge was to design a collection of products combining silicone details with rigid plastic parts. It was necessary an exhaustive industry analysis. We worked hard on it!
_ concept
We bet on launching this collection with the design of the following essential products. The white color and the organic, soft forms would mark the style and guidelines for the future kitchen tools family for the brand. A new interpretation for a fresher and more actual experience.
_ avocado tool
The three steps to prepare a great avocado, using just one tool!
You would be able to peel it with the sharp side, remove the seed with the central circle's help and cut it in slim pieces with the slicer in one move.
Easy peasy.
_ salad chopper
The perfect solution to prepare salads. Two perfectly differentiated cutting-areas which will allow you to slice all different kind of stems. An integrated spoon created to help with a quick salad mixing. And a practical leaf remover to achieve the best essence from your aromatic plants.
_ garlic masher
A new, practical and functional product to squish garlic with just one hand. Position it above the garlic clove and firmly press with the palm of your hand over the silicone lip perimeter. It will magically appear grounded inside the container. Ready to add it up in the concoction or to condiment your favorite meal. Compact, quick and clean.