for Roll'eat

_ briefing
Products on the lunch on the go industry are shaking up the way in which we have food when we aren't at home. When we talk about snacking a portion, products bought in bulk or fruit, product requirements change. Snacking is not as eating larger meals. Eating peanuts isn't like eating mac 'n' cheese.
_ concept
After analyzing in depth the snack carrier industry, we found that, surprisingly, all the offers solved in the same way the distinctive features of these products. At that moment we knew what path we must follow: we had to offer a creative, witty solution to make our product different.
_ product
The creative process and the conceptualization of ideas resulted in two different proposals that we made to our client, both following the briefing we had been given. The solutions were inspired by everyday movements, known to us, easy, and with an unproportionate closing system. That's how Pocket and Tube were born. Both are different, amusing proposals that make snacking tastier and more exciting.