for Mago:urban

_ briefing
The project consisted on a versatile proposition on urban furniture made out of concrete. The design needed the ability to provide further categories or complementary elements similar to it. The ability to be used in different environments, for different purposes, climates or facilities was also needed.
_ concept
Sitting while standing! Starting from this concept, we found a shape that would best suit our concept: an urban stool made out of concrete that let the user sit on a different way. It also needed an amusing aesthetic. This element also had parallel usages in the urbanism field.
_ product
Often, simplicity and multifunctionality go well together.
Sit:Up is an urban element made to decorate, limit, illuminate and take a break. The high positioning enables the user to stand while not doing so. It was conceived to be part of the urban landscape, in squares, in front of emblematic buildings, or to help you take a break while texting, shopping or waiting someone.
_ recognition
In 2014, Sit:Up became part of the product catalogue, with recognition on the product and industrial design. It won the ADI-FAD Selection Delta14 award. ADI-FAD is a pioneer institution, the one with the longest path and the most prestigious one in Spain in industrial, product, furniture, and illumination design. Congratulations!