for Sanni Shoo

_ briefing
When our client proposed designing a shoe bag we instantly understood what they were looking for. It had to be part of a brand that integrated shoe accessories in a modern and actual lifestyle. This brand is also constantly doing its best to redefine the value and image of this kind of products. It had to be a product easy to make, simple and that would be able to decline in different families.
We looked at our feet, and decided to get on with the job!
_ concept
The biggest challenge was the design of a bag that could fit most shoes and their different sizes. It had to adapt to the shoes we wanted to carry. It was the only way to do it.
An adaptive bag! We were going to use our experience with textile products to make it feasible.
_ product
Shoo.bag is a very simple manufacturing concept. It is intended for a polyvalent use, to fit inside or outside a travel bag. Its fastening system also allows the user to wear it over the shoulder or as a backpack.
There are three versions: basic, with pockets or for children.
There are no excuses to leave behind a plastic a supermarket bag!