we offer lifestyle product design services
based in Barcelona
We live intensely with the objects that surround us. They are part of our life, and give meaning to it. Objects help us, and even make us dream. There are products that make our life easier, different objects we learn to live with and that invite us to enjoy unique moments. Through user-centered design, we study thoroughly their reality, their problems, and their needs during the whole designing process.
We are interested in lifestyle, because we are part of it. Where there is people, we can design.

_ product design

analysis and research
We devote time to be in contact with the real world. We observe users, products, and brands to understand what their problems are, and then we think of feasible solutions. We think we have the ability to look where others just see.

Our resources:
_ desk research
_ user surveys
_ focus group

concept design
It is essential to begin creating from a good starting point. That is why we have a meeting before we begin sketching. In these meetings we talk and find out what our clients are thinking of. Together we create the best briefing, and then start working.

Our resources:
_ sketching
_ design thinking
_ stunning presentations
product development
Innovation is not just coming up with good concepts. We need to put them in the market with a guarantee to innovate. We provide technical, detailed solutions to every single design we make to ensure the production will be efficient and effective.

Our resources:
_ 3D modeling
_ rendering
_ prototyping
We go together with our clients and our ideas to the factories. We often go all the way to the manufacture of the products, were investment and risk are greater. That is why we share worries and decision-making, to make it successfully to the end.

Our resources:
_ engineering knowledge
_ outsourcing
_ manufacturing background
_ management
design management
We are getting ready to welcome a new product to our family.
We make sure that new products, and any decisions or actions related to its launch, have the corresponding brand essence and value. We look after them so these characteristics show in every single process and company department.

project management
We fight to get our projects to see the light. We schedule to make sure we get the ideal pressure on the execution process, so we can always reach our goals. With your support we manage the resources. With our empathy we fit in your company, so we can make sure everything works from the inside.