for Dalen Tech

_ briefing
This time, our client gave us the chance to collaborate in the conceptualization and design of ceiling lamps for his catalogue. It was an open briefing with no limitations to creativity. There was a very clear, defined premise, though. These new lamps had to be able to connect to any of the electronic panels that our client manufactures, and had to fit with the DNA of the brand. We needed LED ceiling lamps with remote control.
_ concept
We knew from the start that we wanted a stylish, chic design that would fit in more than one place at home; it could be placed in a living room or a bedroom, without losing its relevance but adapting to its surroundings at the same time.
We were wondering how we could bring dynamism into a white ceiling, and we found the answer in nature, as it conjured really fascinating images.

We only had to stop and watch.

_ product
In the end, we were able to transfer to our product the sensitivity and subtleness of a magical time. Small waves on a water surface provoked by a drop played the main role in our design. This subtle, concentric waves perfectly fit in the family group of Star Sky lamps. Twinkle on the surface!