micro toastie
for MicroGrill

_ briefing
Our client's concern when we started working together in this project was being able to cook different kinds of food with different widths on the microwave. We had to come up with a product for cooking both a salad sandwich and chicken thighs.
_ concept
This brand uses in its products silicone and metal. We knew from the start that we shouldn't be using any other raw materials to create our design. Also, silicone offered a lot of possibilities to create different shapes and sizes that would help us find the right answer. Taking the most out of the geometry that we got, we decided to add handles to make it easier to carry, and it would also to avoid burning.
_ product
That's how we designed Micro Toast-it, and its height-graduating system with handles. We propose a small item, intuitive and easy to use, that lets you toast or grill all kind of food on the microwave.
And no more burning yourself!
This is our first product with alòs idees design team.
They made a good job which nice design help us to attract many clients at the Fair!
Louise Chen, Marketing Director of MicroGrill