mag tumbler
for PO:
_ briefing
The request was to design a product that would allow you to infuse tea even at home or at the office. It had to be an on the go product for personal use, it was not about creating just a teapot! Our client wanted to obtain a product that could be part of everyday use and fully integrated into the current lifestyle. So we started the infusion in our studio!
_ concept
We felt the need to do some research and investigation about alternate solutions to one of the most important and at the same time more magical moments in the preparation of a tea, the infusion itself. How to add more value to the experience of having a cup of tea? Integrating our new proposal!
_ product
And so we came to the solution of Mag Tumbler. A double wall bottle that prevents burns, with a stainless steel infusion ball inside, which due to a magnet system it allows you to stop the tea infusion at the precise time. With a simple and fun hand gesture. Drink your tea calmly and forget the soggy teabags dripping over your desk!
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