for Aplimet

_ briefing
Our client knew that something different was possible, and that it would become achievable with us. For years, the industry had incorporated design as a differentiating strategy, although it hadn't overcome one of their main challenges: understanding that something harmonious and well-designed had to be thought as one, no exception. With no more than this, we started investigating while having some beers, as they always help you think better. It took us some time to find the word that defined the axis that would develop our creativity. We finally found it: integration!
_ concept
We needed to deal with all the elements that make up a beer tap by creating a unique design line, while keeping the elements integrated on the main body in a natural, harmonious way. We couldn't leave any detail for the last minute. At all times, we kept in mind that we had to be faithful to that concept that had cost us so many beers. Only then would we be able to transform all elements of a beer column into something unique with a personality of its own.

_ product
Iluma was the proposal that best reflected the integration concept, as well as representing the renovated appearance of the product. A tap dispenser made out of metal, integrated LED illumination and premium appearance was born.
We changed the visuals of the body and the drip pan by using hollows in both sides of the body, as if it was a beer drip pan. In contrast to the dark, inert color of the traditional drip pans, we filled with light the body hollows. The actual drip pan is smooth, and it has a gentle slope that goes towards the center of it. The result is a natural, discreet drain. By doing so, we managed to visually recreate the wearing of a marble basin that had been polished by water over time.
They've always integrated and collaborated well with our team in the technical development of the projects. The products that they have been designed during this time have been delivered on time, and we have been able to take them to the most important exhibition of our industry with great success. I highly recommend them as professionals.
We will keep working in new project, for sure!
Daniel López, General Manager of Aplimet