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David is not the type of guy to go on a package holiday. His great curiosity, creativity, ability and natural touch, fit in with all our projects. As well as studying Technical Engineering specialized in plastic technology at UPC University and a Master in product design at the Elisava design school, he thinks, conceptualizes ideas and designs all day long! That’s just what he likes!



When you begin a new adventure, this is where we would like your name to be. Clients like you, crystal clear and approachable people, committed and excited by every project, are those who make our work make sense. We’ll be like travel partners!



Marc doesn’t like flying. Being a critical thinker with his feet firmly on the ground, gives him the realism he needs to define our strategies. He optimizes and manages resources to assure each project reaches its objective. His postgraduate study in Design Management at the UPCTalentSchool provides him with practical methodology for design management. His great capacity and aptitudes are un-teachable!


Barcelona, our studio

Where new products are born and from where we manage design. At Barcelona, the city we were born. We grew up together and learned from her since we were child. Our work is our best way to thank her what she has taught us!

We have realized that we feel free
because we love what we do. We apply sense 3


sense x (common + responsability + humour)

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Some projects

Screen ShelfBendedCulleraSit-upParaellaZigneTalòsTupper Holder + Table ClothCircular Snack HolderSnack HolderMossaRenea

Some concepts


it interests you. We design products that can make your business grow

product design

You know exactly what you need, you just don’t know how to make it happen. But we do.
Whether it’s a new product or the re-designing of something you already have, starting off with our guidance and ability to conceptualize ideas and develop them, we create solutions to enhance the user experience and that of your business.
Wherever an interaction exists between objects and people, product design is apparent. If you can touch it and it has a function, it needs design!
We love to work in many different areas, the more diverse, the better! We love to discover and learn new and interesting concepts. So that each project enriches the next.

design management

Instead of letting your project slip through your fingers, use design to implement strategy. We have a greater perspective from which to observe and manage those involved in the creation of a new product. With the right strategy, planning, and controlling of your resources we achieve products aimed directly at the user and at the same time coherent with your business objectives. Let us be the ones to direct and channel your energy to get your project results right on track!


Even in spite of everything, we know that some things don’t always come out as planned. So we convey involvement, honesty and personal proximity to each project we work on making our clients keep entrusting us with their new challenges. It already comes as standard in everything we do!

invest in design to improve and grow!

We use the stamp RE-CREA
You will find this stamp on all our work. This is a digital certificate accrediting and certifying that our projects and creations have been carried out with safe methodology within a determined date and time. It is equivalent to notarizing documents.


We are members BCD
Since 1973 Barcelona Centre de Disseny has been promoting the strategic value of design in businesses and institutional fields, bringing the Barcelona brand worldwide recognition for design and innovation.

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