for Roll'eat

_ briefing
When we sat in front of our client, we paid special attention to understand better what they were proposing. They wanted a lunch box that transformed into a tablecloth, to eat in the office or university. It had to be easy to carry and to clean afterwards. They knew exactly what they wanted. And, of course, we accepted the challenge!
_ concept
We started this project looking around, but it didn't work as expected. The products already on the market didn't have this double use, and that meant that our product needed to create a new concept of carrying and using. For this project we had to bring functionality, simplicity and capacity together.
_ product
The key was finding and understanding the amazing world of zips. That's how we found the central axis of this product. Thanks to this, we transformed a carrying bag into a tablecloth and then into a carrying bag again, as if it was a magic trick. Voilà!
_ recognition
The trust and satisfaction that the whole team found in this product led us to enter one of the most internationally recognized design competitions. In 2014, this product won a Red Dot Design Award. Congratulations, eat'n'out!