for Besco

_ briefing
We are always open to proposals, and now there is the chance to design a collection of pans, pots and casseroles with very recognizable and strong aesthetic lines. But we had to do it within our characteristic DNA: providing a splash of innovation and added value. Do you like to cook? We do!
_ concept
As much as the recipe says so, normally we all improvise somehow. A pinch more of this, a bit less of that... Cooking takes its time, so in the same way, we must pay attention to cooking times and temps. What if we could control the evaporation speed? What an interesting concept!
How would we do it in a simple and intuitive way?
_ product
A simple gesture on the lid with a set of levels and openings was the solution for this case. This way we can let the steam out freely through the side lips and get a perfect stew! In addition, the unique openings, together with the strong geometry and the color details give the collection the personality we were looking for. We like it!