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_ briefing
Our client is an expert in the production of silicone kitchen tools. That's why we thought a way to benefit from all their knowledge was to design a collection of products combining silicone details with rigid plastic parts. It was necessary an exhaustive industry analysis. We worked hard on it!
_ concept
Designing a base using color patron to match and identify its tool's position is the best solution to improve organization in the kitchen. In addition, keeping up with the brand's values, we wanted to add silicone parts with a function other than just esthetic or a grasping method. We also worked on how to attach the tools to the base. Why is it necessary to always use a hole and a hook?
_ product
Silicone's qualities as a material allowed us to add flexible lip perimeters. These are perfect to scrape and serve our meals in an efficient way without damaging our pan's and pot's bottom.
The final result are five kitchen tools with a very unique line esthetic, which combined with the base, give the set a special personality.