Bag Hook
for Bobino
Bag Hook
for Bobino
_ briefing
While having a cup of coffee in a terrace, dinning with friends or waiting to board our plane we often find ourselves having to pay extra care to our belongings or our hand baggage. What a drag not being able to relax!
There is nothing better than enjoying what we care about with no worries.
_ concept
When we thought about a safe way to lash down our bags and luggage, we also came up with a solution on how to keep it from the ground. Not taking space on tables or chairs around us. Therefore, our challenge was to design a product which was able to satisfy both needs: a hanging safeguard snap hook. To be used on a stool's leg or a on a table's surface.
_ product
A portable accessory to always take it with you in your purse or bag to make sure everything is always in place.
From now on, to keep your belongings safe and handy you just need to pick the right place and keep enjoying your company or reading a nice book without a worry. Bag Hook protects and holds for you!
First and foremost they are good and professional designers.
David and Marc make our team feel important because they care about our business and our relationship, creating a nice environment for working together.
They are proactive enough to keep us on track and pay attention to the small details that make a difference. After collaborating successfully on this project, we have continued working together in a very good way.
Henry Sanderson, CEO of Bobino