the arch
& agora

for Aplimet
the arch
& agora

for Aplimet
_ briefing
In this project we incorporated branding. We improved the brand experience without leaving aside the concept of integration as the main feature of our design line. We started with the idea that for the beer industry it is not only important to offer beer through an attractive column. They also need to offer their brand!
So far, the placement of a logo in a column of beer was always solved in the same way: it was adapted and reduced so as not to interfere with the aesthetic of the column.

_ concept
To discover the best way for the brand to interact with the consumer, we needed to find an element that would unite them. We had to be on trend, and to do so it was essential that our columns spoke the same language and through the same devices as consumers.
We soon realized that the connection between brand and consumer meant that we had to integrate a screen. It would be a new starting point around which we would develop the rest of the elements.

_ product. The Arch.
We imagined the bar counter to be malleable, and we pulled it up as if it was clay. There is nothing more integrated than that. Within the shadows generated by the silhouette of the clay arch, there was enough space to incorporate a light window; a horizontal screen.
The drip pan was placed below the bar to avoid breaking or distorting the plasticity achieved by the arches that formed the piece.
_ product. Agora.
We all have in mind how the timeline of any mobile application is. Vertical. This is the concept that this column took. In that sense, the stylized screen, once adapted to the geometric requirements that the column evoked, reinforced the concept of communication. This provided technological value to the product. New geometries for new ways of communicating.
The marked personality of the hollows in the piece are a tribute to the classic system of remote communication, Morse code.
They've always integrated and collaborated well with our team in the technical development of the projects. The products that they have designed during this time have been delivered on time, and we have been able to take them to the most important exhibition of our industry with great success. I highly recommend them as professionals.
We will keep working in new project, for sure!
Daniel López, General Manager of Aplimet