we are a product design studio with
lifestyle expertise located in Barcelona

_ team

We are a very close design team. Our team includes passionate designers, inquisitive thinkers and problem solvers. Our interests and abilities are diverse, but we share the same feelings, as well as a desire to see our projects move forward. We also love offering our help to make better products and to bring them closer to people on a daily basis.
we love engaging, being involved, planning in advance,
take full responsibility and strive to reach the goals.
Our clients and our creativity shape proposals and projects that make both grow. That is why we feel very close to each other. We deeply trust the important decisions that we make, as they help us to improve our processes, strategies and results. We think of ourselves as a partner that our client can trust during the whole process, and not just as another regular supplier.

innovative solvers

We bring solutions with an extra twist.
When we find a problem or need, we are able to get enough opinions to sketch multiple solutions that will let us solve the challenge. That is the moment when we decide what solution is going to make us stand out, which is what our client wants.

strategist planners

The best way to feel deeply involved in a project is by organizing, establishing and reaching set goals. It is also good to be unconditionally part of the project, no matter what the consequences are. We need to accept responsibility in every situation. Flexibility to change course when facing the unexpected is key to a successful planning.

efficient communicators

Who could know better their children than their own mother? Often our clients adopt our sales strategies, as their marketing departments ask us to replicate the way and style we use to convey the essence and value of the products we design.

curious passionates

Looking is not enough; you must understand what you are looking at.
Often we overlook products, needs and problems that surround us. We need to observe and know how to properly listen to realize how many stimuli and information we have at our disposal.

team builders

We feel like every single project we collaborate with is our own. Our empathy helps us to connect and integrate efficiently in our client's design, production, and marketing teams.
The way people work as a part of a team is also key to get the best results.

close friends

One day, projects come to an end, but the relationship with our clients goes on. For us, the relationship that unites us to our client is as important as their business. That is why we pay attention to detail; so we can keep having a great relationship with them.
able to look where others only see.

_ people

marc salvador
business design developer
project manager
strategist planner
team builder
efficient communicator
david de sicart
product designer
engineering manager
innovative solver
curious passionate
close friend
laura espejo
product designer

curious passionate
innovative solver
efficient communicator
siyi lin
asia-pacific sales

close friend
efficient communicator
curious passionate